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Hosted by Dan Davidson & Bill Smith from Trek Geeks, Discovering Trek will be the definitive look at each episode of Star Trek: Discovery! This podcast will look at the story and characters, but will also look to see what we might discover about humanity--and maybe even ourselves--in the process.

This podcast is filled with SPOILERS, so be sure to have watched the current episode of Star Trek: Discovery before listening.

Anthony Rapp

Jul 29, 2021

With just two weeks to go until Vegas, we're chatting briefly with Star Trek: Discovery's Anthony Rapp about Season 3 now that you can get it from your favorite retailer on DVD, Blu-Ray, and Steelbook! We'll talk about the importance of Discovery jumping to the year 32nd century, some of the challenges, and more!

Plus, Bill and Dan talk favorite Season 3 moments and another of our "How to Vegas" segments with "Mr. Convention," Ron Wrobel!